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Shanghai Huilin Digital Technology Co., Ltd located in Shanghai, which is the most developed regions and also the biggest city in China.

Huilin has been in the field of inkjet printing media for more than 15 years, who is dedicated into the R&D of the coating technology and supply high quality premium inkjet printing media to the market.

Huilin has a producing area for more than 15000 square meters, being equipped with two professional coaters, one basic coater, one multy-function coater, one professional color inkjet coater and thirteen different machines as cutter, rewinder and back side adhering machine, etc, meanwhile with complete facilities of electricity, water, gas, fire control and logistic. Its coating capacity can be over 100 million square meters per year with the turnover of more than 50 million dollars

Huilin has about 200 employees, and 15 persons as the R&D stuff, more than 20 persons as sales person for both domestic and international market. Outstanding products quality and professional service build them a high reputation in America and European market.

Huilin`s main products are including cast coated photo paper, resin coated photo paper, adhesive photo paper, which are all with glossy and matte surfaces. The transfer materials are also a big part of Huilin`s business, which are including T-shirt heat transfer paper, sublimation paper, heat transfer vinyl, printable vinyl, label paper.

Huilin`s another business line is advertisement and decoration printing materials, including adhesive PP, PET, PVC, canvas, PVC cards, etc.

Only good quality products make the company has a long term survival foundation, which is the core value of Huilin. Huilin is dedicated to supply quality inkjet printing media and good customer service to the market,  looking forward to cooperate with the clients from all over the world.




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